Sunday, March 17, 2024

Berry Lemon

If you don't want to get ink on a portion of your card, then cover it up with paper. That is exactly what I did to stamp each side of my card front. Read on for the details. Thoughts? 

   Color & Contour

   Berry Burst A-2
   Basic White 5-1/4 x 4 (2)

   Berry Burst
   Lemon Lolly
   Shaded Spruce

   Blending Brush
   2-Step Stamping

   Artistic Mix Decorative Mask
   Blending Brush
   Adhesive-Backed Solid Gems

First, I covered the right side of the Basic White panel with paper. Basically, I folded over the sheet of paper that I always have underneath my working project to protect my surface. I used some painter's tape to secure it. You decide if you want the panels to be equal in width or not. 

I then taped down a stencil to the right side of the card. I placed it over the entire card and secured it with Painter's tape. I did check to make sure it was as straight as possible. 

Next, I brushed on some Lemon Lolly over the entire left side and then some.

Once it was covered in ink, I gently removed the stencil and washed it under some running water and dried it. Some folks just like to use a wipe to clean it. Just make sure you do not forget, or you might ruin your next project...

Now, I covered the left side with paper. This technique is called masking. Basically, you are covering a portion of your card to protect it from everything. Again, I used Painter's Tape to secure the paper (mask).

First, I stamped the sentiment on the top of the section. 

I then randomly stamped the outline of the flower to cover the panel. 

Next, I added step 2. I stamped the inside color of the flower. This stamp does not align perfectly with the stamp, but that is the way it is supposed to be. I think it looks great.

I then adhered the panel onto the Berry Burst card front.

Lastly, I added a few solid gems and adhered a Basic White panel to the inside of the card.

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